House Guardians and Captains

House Guardian:
Mr E McCall


House Captains:

Samuel Bird

Isabelle Ducket


The History of Arundel

Lady Mary Arundel was born in July 1787. For much of her life, she had to keep secret the fact that she was a Catholic, otherwise her property would have been confiscated, and she would most likely have been deported.

Following the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1830, her husband was one of the first Catholics to take his place in the House of Lords. After his death in 1838, Lady Arundel did a lot to help Antonio Rosmini establish religious houses in England. She also supported other Catholic orders, and funded many of the churches designed by Pugin (the designer the first buildings of Ratcliffe College). She lived in Loughborough, and personally oversaw the establishment of the Rosminian convent there.

Lady Arundel died in 1845; 2 years after the first buildings of Ratcliffe College had been completed. In accordance with her wishes, she was buried under the College church of the time. This is now the Old Library.

Lady Arundel did not pay for Ratcliffe College to be built, but her influence played a major part in allowing the College to be founded.