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CCF Senior Cadet Training Report: 13th November

Last week there were a number of different, exciting opportunities on offer for the cadets. One section of Year 10 students carried out a challenging command task, involving crossing a river made of shark-infested custard with chemicals which would explode if left in the wrong combinations, as well as all their equipment! Whilst another Year 10 section, along with their…


Army Section Summer Camp 2017

The Army Camp at Crowborough started with a flurry of organising 39 cadets and all their equipment.  After the five hour journey, the cadets settled into their billets and had various briefings to tell them what they were to expect during the week. The first day started with breakfast at 6.30am and was a range day on camp.  This consisted…


CCF Summer Camp 2017

Here are some highlights from the CCF Summer Camp 2017.