House Guardians and Captains

House Guardian:
Mr N Walsh


House Captains:

Harrison Grimmett

Alexandra Offer

The History of De Lisle

Ambrose Phillips De Lisle was a wealthy, 19th century, Catholic gentleman who owned a lot of land near Loughborough. He was responsible for the building of Grace Dieu Manor, and lived there for over 30 years. He was a remarkable man and, for many years, Grace Dieu was considered to be a centre for intellectual and spiritual activity of the Catholic Church in England.

De Lisle played an important part in bringing the Rosminian order from Italy to England. His chaplain was Father Luigi Gentili (a close friend of Antonio Rosmini) who did outstanding work in teaching Catholicism, both in the local area, and in the wider community.

De Lisle gave land from his estate for the establishment of Mount St. Bernard’s abbey – only a few miles away from Grace Dieu manor – and was involved in bringing monks across from Ireland to live and work there.

With Lady Arundel, he was present at the opening of the first Ratcliffe College buildings in 1844.