The Art Department is an engaging and dynamic environment where every individual is encouraged to realise their full potential.  We encourage a diverse approach and in turn are flexible in our teaching, underpinning each project with a sound basis in traditional as well as contemporary skills.  We have good facilities: a dedicated Sixth Form Studio, two teaching studios, a Film and Photography Studio and our own suite of computers.  The teaching team comprises the Head of Department, a full-time teacher and a very experienced full-time technician.

We offer a scholarship in Year 6 for entry in Year 7, please click on the link for further information and how to apply.

Art is an option at GCSE where take up of the subject is always popular. At A level, the students have more autonomy over their work and we see a number of students each year successfully going on to pursue the creative pathways at higher education; this includes Art Foundation courses as well as direct-entry degree courses.

Academic Programme

We start teaching Art in the Senior School in Year 6 with the students coming over for their lessons from the Junior School.  Year 6 lessons are a little shorter so we tailor their projects to suit this more concise approach.

At Key Stage 3, the students are expected to demonstrate progression over the duration of the three years and the projects are designed with increasing demands to reflect this.

At Key Stage 4, the students have 5 lessons a fortnight.  The GCSE course is not a specialised one which means that any idea is valid and students are free to explore their own ideas within the confines of each project.  Art GCSE is a two year course where the students have to submit a portfolio of work as their coursework element (60%), as well as sitting a controlled assessment (exam unit 40%) at the end of the course.

In the Sixth Form, the timetable provides the students with 9 lessons of 65 minutes a fortnight, but all students spend a number of their study periods in the department to further their studies.  Students are encouraged to express their opinions both within their sketchbooks as well as during lessons. The approach at AS is focussed on exploration and, to that end, students experience a number of workshops on very varied techniques before they decide what it is they wish to do.  At A2, the focus is on quality, and this must permeate everything that the student does.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are keen for students to use the facilities of the department outside of their normal lessons and therefore, we provide a number of extra-curricular clubs throughout the week that they are encouraged to attend.  There are a number of lunchtime, as well as after school, clubs for different Year groups. During the clubs, students can choose to work on their prep with help from the teacher, to continue with their current project, or they can choose to do something totally different.

Going to see and experience Art is a vital element of the subject, so we arrange visits throughout the year, both to local galleries as well as to London.


Mr Dominic JH Berry, Head of Department –
Miss Alison Wright, Art Teacher –
Mrs Terri Bradshaw, Art Technician –