Religious Studies

Religious Studies is at the centre of the curriculum as we are a Catholic school. Students will study and become familiar with the teachings of the Catholic Church as well as the beliefs of other Christians and other faiths. Students are encouraged to engage with their own beliefs and values as well as those of others and also to engage with questions of meaning and purpose.

Religious Studies is a rigorous academic subject, in which all students are given the opportunity to develop as thinkers and to develop the ability to explain and critically analyse different religious beliefs.

In addition to teaching academic Religious Studies, the department is active in the spiritual life of the school. The department assists in the organisation of school liturgies, assemblies and retreats.

All students take Religious Studies at GCSE and the examination results have been excellent in recent years.

Religious Studies is a very popular choice at A level. There are currently two classes in both Years 12 & 13. As part of the course, students study Ethics and Philosophy and Christian Thought. Many students continue to study a combination of Philosophy, Ethics or Philosophy at University. Religious Studies at A Level is beneficial for many other courses, including Medicine, Nursing and Law.

Academic Programme

Key Stage 3:

Schemes of work are based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory, using ‘The Way, The Truth, The Life’ resources.

Topics include:

Year 7
- Antonio Rosmini and the Rosminian order
- Stories and themes in the Old Testament (e.g. Moses)
- Hinduism

Year 8

- Baptism & Confirmation
- The life and teachings of Jesus
- The history of Christianity (e.g. St. Paul; St. Peter; Celtic Saints; the Reformation; Christian Unity)
- Islam

Year 9

- All students start the GCSE Religious Studies course. The main topics are:
- Jewish Beliefs
- Jewish Practices
- Introduction to Foundation Catholic Theology: Origins and Meanings

GCSE Religious Studies:

All students take GCSE Religious Studies, starting in Year 9.

Exam Board: OCR (syllabus B)
Main Content: Roman Catholic Theology & Judaism
Topics Studied:

Paper 1: Foundational Catholic Theology: 1 exam – 90 minutes
- Origins and Meanings
- Good and Evil

Paper 2: Applied Catholic Christianity: 1 exam – 90 minutes
- Life and Death
- Sin and Forgiveness

Paper 3: Judaism: 1 exam – 60 minutes
- Jewish Beliefs
- Jewish Practices

Years 12-13:

All students follow a Sixth Form RPE (Religious, Philosophy & Ethics) programme. Students are given the opportunity to examine important issues in the guiding light of a Christian moral framework.

So far this year, we have looked at:
- The importance of the School Mission Statement
- The work of Cafod
- The Rwandan Genocide
- HCPT & Lourdes (Year 12)
- Reconciliation

A Level:

Exam Board: OCR

There are three main components:
1. Philosophy: 1 examination – 2 hours
2. Ethics: 1 examination – 2 hours
3. Christian Thought: 1 examination – 2 hours

There are 10 students in Year 12 & 13 students in Year 13

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Trips:

Year 7: RS Community Day & Visit to the Briars
Year 10: Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre

Related Trips:

Years 12 & 13: Lourdes Pilgrimage

Related Clubs & societies:

Years 12 & 13:
VSU: Voluntary Service Unit – Students visit a local community centre to spend time with adults with learning disabilities.


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