Sports Science

Sport is one of the world’s leading businesses and knowledge of Sports Science is at the forefront for all top elite performers.

Physical Education is the ideal choice for students who are interested in sport and it is offered at both GCSE and A level.  At both levels, the courses are very diverse, stimulating and challenging. Each level has a practical and theoretical component which gives students an insight into the science behind performance and the how society affects its development.

The courses give the students a foundation from which to study sports orientated courses, but not exclusively, at university from which they can become physiotherapists, teachers, health care professionals, fitness trainers, sports management, professional coaches, nutritionist and sports analysts.

What do our students say?

“I loved my GCSE PE course, “I enjoyed learning all about the workings of the human body, how psychology affected our performance levels, how to design my own training programme and how sport became what it is today.”