Girls' Sports

The major sports for the girls at Ratcliffe College are hockey, netball, rounders and tennis. There are also fixtures run on a regular basis in a number of other activities such as athletics, cross-country, swimming and equestrian events.

The games lessons focus on the major team sports. PE lessons broaden our students’ experience of a wide range of activities covering the major areas as outlined in the National Curriculum. The following activities are covered in PE lessons.

Year 7 – athletics, orienteering, gymnastics, swimming, and badminton

Year 7 PE programme letter

Year 8 – athletics, team-building, gymnastics, trampolining, swimming and health-related fitness

Year 9 – athletics, trampolining, swimming, health-related fitness and volleyball

Year 10 – athletics, trampolining, swimming, personal fitness training and badminton.

Years 11-13 – students in these years take part in the major team games. Those not involved in squads enjoy a varied programme including the fitness suite, swimming, dance, aerobics, self-defence, cross-country running, squash, badminton and basketball.

For news other than the weekly sports reports which covers, for example, players selected for their county or results from county cup competitions, please refer to the News section of the website.