House Guardians and Captains

House Guardian:
Mr T Walsh


House Captains:

Jack Vinall

Emily Newberry

The History of Emery

Father Cuthbert Emery died in 1965, aged 79. He spent over half of his life at Ratcliffe: as a boy, as a teacher, and as President (the present position of Headmaster) He was a charming man, and a truly outstanding teacher, who took a genuine interest in each of his students. He was primarily a teacher of Classics, but also taught classes in History, Geography and Mathematics.

His 25 years as President of Ratcliffe were a period of great progress and improvement for the College; classrooms and buildings were modernised; the outdoor swimming pool was constructed; much of the campus was cleared to give the school its present, extensive playing fields; and he worked tirelessly to raise the academic achievements of students. In 1947, in recognition of his achievements, Father Emery was the first President/Headmaster of Ratcliffe to be invited to be a member of the Headmasters’ Conference. Ratcliffe has been an HMC school ever since.

The foundation of Grace Dieu Manor prep school in 1933 was largely due to the influence of Father Emery.

At the back of the College Church there are two side-altars. The statue on St Cuthbert’s altar shows Father Emery’s face.