‘A Night at the Oscars’ Monday 12th June 2017 hosted by the Media Department

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The Media department and its students, once more, proved just how much can be achieved with vision, determination and talent at the annual ‘A Night at the Oscars’ event on Monday evening. The event recognised the largest cohort of Sixth Form Media students to date, in addition to the sterling efforts of our GCSE students. The evening was hosted by Mrs Bennett, who indulged herself, just a little, by entering along the red carpet to the strains of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’. This provided a lively opening for the screening of an incredible range of students’ video and print work, which formed part of their GCSE, AS and A Level coursework. Mrs Bennett was ably supported behind the scenes by Miss Doig, who produced the stunning photography you see below, and Media Technician, Sam Wilcockson, who worked alongside David Ricks, and Year 10 student Thomas Binnie, to provide visuals, sound and lighting. This was in addition to the sterling efforts of the Maintenance, Housekeeping and Catering teams, who worked incredibly hard to transform the Theatre into a glitzy venue, fit for Hollywood.

The big winner of the night was Backstage, a short documentary by Lilly Dosanjh, Emily Marsh, Thomas Ngai and Caitlin Plummer in Year 13, exploring the highs and lows of ‘making it’ in the theatre industry. This production was the only nomination to win two awards on the evening: Best Documentary Video Production and Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context. Thomas was particularly pleased that, after dutifully attending the event for three years, and previously leaving empty-handed, he walked away with two awards! A completely different, but equally impressive, short film on the evening, and winner of Best Fiction Video Production, was Evolved, by Alexander Keay and Alina Tebbutt in Year 13. Clocking in at an astounding nine minutes in length, this narrative, exploring the effects of a deadly virus on two desperate scientists, is the longest ever produced by our Media students and kept the audience rapt for every second it was on screen. The beautifully cinematic aesthetic, which used depth of field and changes in focus to create an auteur streak, was truly outstanding.

Other noteworthy performances include Best Video Advertising Campaign winners Isobel Coombs, Josef Hluchan and Mollie Page (Year 11) who produced an impressively authentic television advertising campaign for a new perfume brand, L’Essence, and Lara Addison, Samuel Ashberry, Dominic Short and Natasha Walsh (Year 12) whose tense and oppressive opening to a new crime thriller film, Rook, garnered them the Best Editing award, and literally had the audience jumping out of their seats!

These are just a few of the stand-out productions of the evening and the full list of winners can be seen below. It is fair to say that the assembled audience were stunned by the quality and sophistication of the work on show, particularly considering the young age of some of the nominees. This sentiment was echoed by our Guest of Honour, Dr Ellen Wright, Lecturer in Cinema and Television History at De Montfort University. A specialist in gender studies and particularly the representation of the female in Hollywood during the studio age, Dr Wright was delighted to present the final award of the night and expressed her privileged position at being amongst such a talented group of young people. This is a feeling we, in the Media department, experience every day.

Charlotte Bennett,

Head of Media Studies

Please visit our Youtube showcase to view this year’s video productions: https://www.youtube.com/user/ratcliffeshowcase

Mrs Bennett and the assembled ‘A Night at the Oscars’ winners

Winners of the prestigious Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context, Mrs Bennett and our special guest! (l-r  Emily Marsh, Lilly Dosanjh, Thomas Ngai, Mrs Charlotte Bennett, Caitlin Plummer, Dr Ellen Wright)


‘A Night at the Oscars’ winners 2017


Award Winner
Best Original Concept in a Production
Jone Aboitiz
Lili Turner
 (Year 13)
Best Video Advertising Campaign
Isobel Coombs
Josef Hluchan
Mollie Page
(Year 11)
Best Direction
Shelly Lam
Alexandra Mitchell
Nicole Wong
(Year 12)
Best Editing
Lara Addison
Samuel Ashberry
Dominic Short
Natasha Walsh
(Year 12)
Best Sound
Rebecca Astill
Prajwol Khamcha
Megan Vincent
(Year 13)
Best Cinematography
Olivia Back
Isabelle Duckett
Hannah Grinham
Alexandra Offer
(Year 12)
Best Brand Identity
Holly Bown
Jenna Pole
(Year 11)
Best Photography in a Print Production
Marshall Sandawana
(Year 12)
Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context
Lilly Dosanjh
Emily Marsh
Thomas Ngai
Caitlin Plummer
 (Year 13)
Best Fiction Video Production
Alexander Keay
Alina Tebbutt
(Year 13)
Best Print Production (Editorial)
Darcie Naylor
(Year 12)
Best Copy in a Print Production
Poppy Beech-Pickering
(Year 12)
Best Documentary Video Production
Lilly Dosanjh
Emily Marsh
Thomas Ngai
Caitlin Plummer
 (Year 13)