Army Section Summer Camp 2017

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The Army Camp at Crowborough started with a flurry of organising 39 cadets and all their equipment.  After the five hour journey, the cadets settled into their billets and had various briefings to tell them what they were to expect during the week.

The first day started with breakfast at 6.30am and was a range day on camp.  This consisted of a series of stands, including clay pigeon shooting, paintball patrol alley, L98A2 range, air rifle and archery as well as training on the obstacle course.  This was an extremely popular day with all the cadets gaining great experiences and having fun.

Day two, we were on the field craft stand.  Again, a great variety of activities: a deliberate attack using blank ammunition, a vehicle checkpoint stand where the cadets were taught how to set up a vehicle check point and search the vehicle, a stalk stand and a very popular stand of survival, with the highlight being the lessons on how to make a fire, without matches or a lighter.  By day three, tiredness was creeping in so we were lucky to have our adventure training day when the cadets had a great time on sit on-top canoes, paddled an assault boat and they took part in mountain biking and orienteering.

The following day again was mainly on camp with the camp competition.  Here all the skills learnt during the week were tested.  Cadets were put into small teams to carry out different tasks during the day.  During this competition, Ratcliffe Cadets won the Archery competition.  Straight after the competition, we deployed onto our exercise for the night which, for some, was the highlight of the camp.  This exercise tested the Year 11 and junior cadets, many of whom were placed in positions of responsibility.  During the exercise, we had a training safety advisor attached to us who, at the end of the exercise, addressed all the cadets to tell them that, in all his years of training with cadets, CCF and ACF, Ratcliffe Cadets were by far the best cadets he had seen in action on exercise.  The communication was excellent, the cadet leadership was fantastic and they were all very disciplined.

During the week, our cadets performed excellently and developed many new skills.  The Year 11 cadets, in particular, were fantastic.  They really showed that they have developed into confident young leaders, not forgetting that many of the Year 10 cadets performed leadership roles well.  At our final parade, we gave a huge thanks and farewell to our Year 13 senior cadets: Finbarr, Harry, James and Hugh.  We wish them all the best for the future.

Please see the link below to some of the other great photographs from the Camp:

Lt Col M Balmbra, Contingent Commander