Boarding: Ghost Walk to Tutbury Castle

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On what started out as a very wet and windy evening on Saturday 8th February, forty two boarders and staff went on an intrepid ghost hunt to the beautiful Tutbury Castle.

Fortunately, as we ate supper in the Castle tearoom, the rain subsided and we were able to enjoy, or rather scream our way around the grounds and chambers of the ruins.  The guides talked about the history and various sightings that have been reported, inviting ghosts  to come among the students, who were apprehensively stood together in a circle in the dark.  The lights on the guides meters flashed to red, and everyone had a go at shouting out!  One or two jumped, which set the rest of the group screaming!  In the Main Hall, log fire burning, a fully costumed Lesley Smith, the curator of the Castle, spoke in character as Mary Queen of Scots; the students were transported back to the time of the Tudors and afterwards even got to hold an executioners sword handed around by Lesley.  Then, in smaller groups we were taken into the Kings Bedroom and again, in the dark, Lesley spoke of the changes in atmosphere asking if anyone could sense any changes.

Everyone loved the visit, sceptics or not, and to add to the evening we came back to school to a temporary power cut which made bedtimes interesting!