Boarding: Go Karting at F1K Karting in Wymeswold

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32 students plus Mr Kaye and Mr Jones went go karting at F1K Karting in Wymeswold. A great time was had by all on an exciting track with hairpin bends, chicanes and ramps. Matthew ‘Hamilton’ Harris was the karting champ with both the fastest lap and most laps completed. He was closely followed by Joshua ‘Lauda’ Leung, Charles ‘Piquet’ Pun and Victor ‘Alonso’ Rosell. Anna ‘Petrov’ Revokina led the girls category with her ‘never use the break and always have your foot fully down on the accelerator’ policy whilst Eleanor ‘Button’ Brambell wins the ‘sunday afternoon family day out’ award as the steadiest and most sensible in a kart. Omar ‘Coultard’ Khan wins the prize for biggest crash whilst Leo ‘Fangio’ Fan wins the award for most crashes on the same bend. In the battle of the heavy weights Mr Jones pipped Mr Kaye to the post by 0.3 of a second.