Boarding News – Great Boarding Christmas Bakeoff

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Great Boarding Christmas Bake-off

This was a very busy event with twenty five competitors takingpart.  The students were given a choice of making three different types of cake: Marshmallow Snowmen, Rice Krispy Christmas Trees or Mince Pies.  The timer was started at 3.00pmand the bakers set off at a frantic pace in order to get everything done within the hour deadline.  A team of boys were the first to finish, well within the time limit with a lovely clean workstation!  The students had to follow strict guidelines and had to present the first six cakes they made only, and ensure that their work area was spotless! Some found the marshmallow glue for the rice krispies challenging. Melting marshmallows and mixing in green food colouring meant a lot of rice krispies went all over the place, and we had some strange shades of green, but they all got there in the end, moulding some lovely tree shapes.  The snowmen room didn’t finish quite as quickly as we had first thought, with lots of different styles being created.  There was only one set of mince pies in the competition, but the girls kept Mr Cooke on his toes telling him how to make his!

Altogether, it was a very enjoyable afternoon.  Staff helpers were rushed off their feet keeping everyone going by calling out how many minutes were left on the clock. Mr Kaye was the judge basing his decisions on various criteria. Difficult choices had to be made and we announced the winners in supper, together with prizes and certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.  A new category had to be created at the last minute, as the standard was so amazing, so five further Highly Commended presentations were also awarded certificates and sweets.

Thanks to all who helped and took part, and to Christy Yeung for her photography work.

Mrs Helen Grant