EES team win gold

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You thought cars and aeroplanes were welded, bolted and riveted together?! Think again!

Glue (epoxy resin) is increasingly replacing these fastenings.

To date the ‘glue’ of choice (it is very strong) has been one part epoxy resin but it is expensive to cure (harden) as it requires a lot of heat.

Our EES team (Alice Gilbert, Libby Godfrey, Maco Wong and Ricky Hsu) were set a brief to investigate the viability of two part epoxy resin (Araldite is an example) as a cheaper alternative (cures at low temperatures). The project was overseen by Dr  Gary Critchlow (Loughborough University) and Dr Chris Jackson with technical support from Dr Keith Yendall.

The students conducted three days of testing at Loughborough University in December, analysed their results and appear to have established the grounds for further research into what is a potentially very lucrative area of technology. There’s a lot of money in glue!

They attended the Celebration and Assessment Day in Solihull on Thursday (25th April) where they received commendation for their work and have been informed that their project will earn each of them a National Gold CREST Award.