Fireworks display

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On a very cold but clear evening, the whole boarding community enjoyed an excellent visit to the Abbey Park (Leicester) firework display on Saturday. There was a vibrant atmosphere when we arrived, with around 25000 people attending the event. There were fairground rides, stalls and entertainment for all to enjoy before the big events: the lighting of a gigantic bonfire and, of course, the fireworks themselves. Dancing and singing on the stage also gave the crowd some entertainment and even the Premier League Football trophy made an appearance. We were not disappointed! Bonfire flames shooting off into the night sky and warming up some very cold people. Then, at 8.00pm, the lights went off and the firework display began, with loud music to accompany it and some even louder bangs. Different colours and patterns brightened the night sky, with the feeling that it was actually telling a story. The display finished with a really impressive cascade of bright lights that felt like a curtain coming down on the performance.