Game kNight Charity Board Game Marathon 2016

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The third annual Game kNight Charity Board Game Marathon kicked off with a bang on the 8th July, with students and teachers alike fighting an infestation of zombies!

Mrs Bennett, her husband Paul Bennett, Game kNight alumni and Old Ratcliffian Daniel Chin and Year 12 students, Kieran Bonas, Luke Pole and Aaron Walsh competed in a six hour board game marathon, in aid of The Samaritans. The perils of Zombiecide were matched with the more cerebral pleasures of CodeNames, where teams had to locate their spies, through word clues, and the thick and fast race out of a forbidden temple in Escape!

The co-operative games proved that when the group pulled together they could beat any threat from the undead, but a competitive streak was ignited when challenging each other in games such as Betrayal at House on the Hill, where Mrs Bennett was revealed as the traitor…naturally! The group completed the day, with Kieran as the champion, having secured the most wins. The competitors were cheered on a by a large group of students at break and lunch time, and collected over £400 to go towards this extremely worthwhile cause.

Mrs Bennett
Head of Media Studies