German Exchange Return Trip

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After a long and tiring journey the German Exchange students were picked up by their partners on Monday afternoon. All of them were happy to see each other again. On Tuesday the German partners spend the whole day in school. This was very exciting and interesting for all of them because schools in Germany are very different from schools in England. They found the Headmaster’s Assembly in the morning particularly fascinating, as German schools do not have assembly. On Wednesday Ratcliffe students and their German partners went to Warwick castle and Stratford upon Avon where they enjoyed a tour of both the castle and Shakespeare’s birth place.

This was followed by a visit to the Galleries of Justice and the caves in Nottingham the next day. On Friday the German Exchange students finally got the chance to do a little bit of shopping in Leicester, after spending the morning in school.

The weekend was lovely and the students stayed with their family and enjoyed an insight into British family life. We all said our goodbyes early on Monday morning before the group boarded the train to Stansted Airport. They all had an amazing time and a number of the students are already planning their next visit.

By Sara Klüppelholz and Peter McCrindell