Go4SET – 19th March 2014

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A group of six Year 9 Physics students won the ‘Most Innovative Project’ award in the science and engineering competition ‘Go4SET’, a nationwide scheme designed to get students involved with engineering projects. The triumphant students were Joseph Smith, Beatrice Waters, Esme Kelly, Matthew Baker, Jordan McBallantine and Zainab Hussain. Their ‘My School is an Island’ project was an inspirational piece of work, and was highly commended at the Celebration Event, held at Snibston Discovery Museum on Wednesday 19th March 2014. The students were working together with two professional engineers from the company 227 Environmental to form a plan to move Ratcliffe College to an island off the coast of Portugal, making it 100% sustainable in the process. They named the school ‘Ratcliffe-on-Sea’. An innovative, practical design was created, a detailed report written containing all their research, and then a wonderfully detailed model built. The project has given the students an insight into how engineers work and the problems that they have to overcome on a daily basis.

Six other Year 9 students who also took part in the competition received much praise for their project ‘Stations of the Future’. These were Jack Nightingale, Olutomi Mosaku, Nicole McBallantine, Lara Gee, Zoe Duffin and Jack Miles. They formed the group ‘4th Dimension’, who designed modifications to King’s Cross Train Station in London that included some particularly futuristic ideas. They also included a train that went underground, and under the seabed, to reach ‘Ratcliffe-on-Sea’.

Both teams deserve much credit for their efforts; indeed, winning the “Most Innovative Project” award is a fantastic achievement by our students and we are very proud of them.

The ‘Ratcliffe-on-Sea’ team The ‘4th Dimension’ team

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