Go4SET Competition Winners!

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A group of seven Year 9 Physics students won the ‘Best Overall Project’ award in the science and engineering competition Go4SET, a popular, nationwide scheme designed to get students involved with engineering projects. The triumphant students were James Howling, Jacob Dawe, Dominic Baggott, Ben McCahill, Robyn Warwick, Charlotte Langford and Tess Duffin. Their ‘Eco-Hotel’ project was an inspirational piece of work, and was highly commended at the Celebration Event, held at the Ricoh Arena on Thursday 23rd June. Their spectacular model and insightful report impressed all the judges, who stated that the project “ticked all the boxes”! One judge, who works in the construction business, was so impressed that she has invited the team to her next staff meeting!

Six other Year 9 students who also took part in the competition received much praise for their project ‘Station of the Future’. These were Luke Millett, Alex Pickering, Tom Neuberg, Elliot Kelly, Joseph Summer and Edward Smellie, whose unusual idea to use hydrogen for train power, in their ‘hydrail’ scheme, attracted lots of attention.

Taking part in the Go4SET scheme has given the students an insight into how engineers work and the problems that they have to overcome on a daily basis. Both teams deserve much credit for their efforts, and indeed, winning the ‘Best Overall Project’ award is a fantastic achievement by our students and we are very proud of them.