Go4SET Introduction Event – 12th March 2015

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A group of six Year 9 students began their Go4SET experience in excellent fashion at the Introduction Event, held at the NEC, Birmingham, on Thursday 12th March 2015. The 6 science enthusiasts, Poom Hirunwiwatkul, Luke Hodds, Emily Dunne, Anthony Elumelu, Sarah Curnick and Isobel Hose, were tasked with building a tower out of a limited amount of paper and tape that could support a bag of nuts and bolts, in an attempt to strengthen their team working skills ahead of the 10 week Go4SET project. By providing a real and live Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project, Go4SET will raise the pupils’ awareness and highlight the exciting future career opportunities in STEM.

The students managed to beat all the competition, with a tower that reached a massive 107cm in height. Well done to them, and I hope a sign of the good things to come. It was a close battle; the 2nd placed team’s tower was just 2cm shorter.

Not wanting to boast or revel in their success, the students took the accolades coming their way with cool, calm heads, and even Anthony gave away his prize of a Cadbury Crème Egg to a member of the runner-up team; what a gesture! The Ratcliffe College way is clearly already rubbing off on him!