House Music Report Spring Term 2016

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In response to last year’s Year 13 Legacy Project, this year’s House Music Competition was given a much needed revamp, similar to House Drama, in that the whole school was available to participate seated in the Sports Hall. Previously, the competition has taken place either during Prep, or at a time when only KS3 could attend. Having the whole School in attendance certainly made for an electrifying atmosphere. Not surprisingly, the performers responded very well to having their peers cheering them on and waving banners! There was a healthy balance between excitement in anticipation of each performance and respectful silence during performances. This is especially true of the soloists, some of whom were in Years 7-9 and less experienced in performing to large audiences

A feature of the competition was the House Song. This year, ABBA songs were picked out of a hat by the House Captains during Headmaster’s Assembly! It was lovely to see the variety of arrangements from each House, all of whom sung with gusto! Other categories included an orchestral solo, vocal solo, piano solo and ensemble. Each performance was at least of a good standard, with several of an exceptional quality.

We were delighted that Mrs Hall, one of the vocal peripatetic staff, agreed to adjudicate. Her feedback was encouraging and sensitive, helping the afternoon to flow nicely. Although closely contested, Emery House was triumphant, followed narrowly by Arundel, De Lisle and then Leetham. There was a tremendous atmosphere during the afternoon, compounded by the excitement of the term finishing that same day. Our thanks go to the Year 13 of 2015, whose idea it was to refresh the House Music Competition.

Please see the photos below.

Edward McCall
April 2016