My Time at Radio Leicester By Kristian Brocksopp (aged 14) – Year 9

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As a lot of my friends already know, I love BBC Radio Leicester. I am always gossiping about it in lessons and listening to it at lunch time and any free time I have when I am at home. Recently, a new presenter called Lukwesa Burak joined BBC Radio Leicester to present the Lunchtime show, from 1pm until 3pm. BBC Radio Leicester is aimed at an adult audience. One of the shows features is a lyric line competition. Basically, a line of the lyrics from a song is read out on air and you have to text or call in with the song title and artist. When I texted my answer in I added my age and what I was doing. Lukwesa was surprised at my age and amazed that I enjoyed songs from the 70s 80s and 90s . After getting in touch with me via phone, in the summer holidays, she invited me in to the studio to co-present the show with her. If you think that a job interview is scary, then presenting on radio is 10 times worse. Whatever you say goes live on air! In preparation for my visit, I was asked if I wanted to create my own lyric line for the day, and I did! The song was Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. I arrived at the studios at 12.30, and after meeting Lukwesa, we went straight into presenter Jonathan Lampon’s show to do a live trailer for Lukwesa’s show. Nerve racking! We went live after the 1pm news and I followed the script I was given, introducing songs, and links to the weather and travel news. The time flew by, and at 2.45pm we were joined by presenter Ben Jackson, who did a trailer for his show that was to follow. I loved every minute, and after we had handed the transmission over to Ben Jackson at 2.59pm, I could relax. We took a couple of photos with Lukwesa, and then we left for home. What an experience! I enjoyed my brief time on air so much that I have now signed up to a 10 week course at Takeover Radio, which I hope will lead to more broadcasting time in the future.