Paper aeroplane building

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So many designs to choose from!

This Saturday, some of our boarders attempted to build an assortment of fancy paper aeroplanes. ‘The Canard’, ‘The Delta’, ‘The Glider’, ‘The Hawkeye’, ‘The Needle’ and my personal favourite, ‘The Shuttle’, were just a small selection of the designs being created by our artistic students! Some students kept it simple, attempting the less demanding aeroplane designs, whilst some expert makers, such as Lydia S, Anna R, Sarah C and Ganesh T started with the most difficult models, and made it all look easy!

Definitely my favourite design – ‘The Shuttle’

Damien C, Harry R, Ganesh T, Bishnu T, Brian L and Thomas L were all keen to impress with their paper aeroplane building skills!

The true expert builders had to be our 3 female paper engineers!

It was rather a fiddly job!

Brian L certainly enjoyed himself!

The Boarding Staff tried their very best to help out – I blame the vague instructions for my inability to make anything other than the simple Glider!

What a selection of aircraft!

Mr Chorley Jan 2013