Ratcliffe College and Grace Dieu Manor re-affirm their special relationship

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The Trustees of Ratcliffe College and Grace Dieu Manor Schools have asked us to pass on to you the following statement: In wishing to build on the many and varied successes of Ratcliffe College, and following the opening of the new Ratcliffe College Preparatory School, the Rosminian Fathers have now instructed both Governing Bodies to reaffirm the unique relationship between Ratcliffe College and Grace Dieu Manor School. It is the Rosminian Fathers’ wish that our three Schools jointly provide an all through 3-18 Rosminian Education.

As such Grace Dieu has been reaffirmed as a parallel feeder Preparatory School to Ratcliffe College, alongside Ratcliffe College Preparatory School.

Mr Peter Fisher, Headmaster of Grace Dieu Manor School, in partnership with Mr Gareth Lloyd, Headmaster of Ratcliffe College, and Father Christopher Cann, Headmaster of Ratcliffe College Preparatory School, will work closely together to ensure that the same exciting curriculum and standard of academic opportunity be enjoyed by all students attending both Preparatory Schools prior to entry to Ratcliffe College.

In addition to which, the Rosminian Fathers have also approved Mr Peter Fisher’s initial Development Plans and have made the necessary funds available for him to proceed.

Rosminian Collegiate