Science House “Conkertition” 2016

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On Friday 30th September 2016, a host of Ratcliffe students took part in the House Conker tournament, aptly named the “House Conkertition”. Students from all year groups in the Senior School, and staff, were invited to take part, and after over 50 duels, the winning House was De Lisle. The Champion student ‘conkerer’, however, was Ben Ashford of Emery, who triumphed against eight different opponents! The highest score from any member of staff came from Mr Rogers, of De Lisle, who chalked up an impressive 5 wins with his brave conker. Well done, and thank you, to all the staff and students who contributed in making the ‘Conkertition’ so much fun. The final scores can be seen below, with a collection of photographs that capture the excitement of the day!

Mr Chorley

1st De Lisle, 19 wins 4 points
2nd Arundel, 13 wins 3 points
3rd Emery, 12 wins 2 points
4th Leetham, 9 wins 1 point