South Wales Golf Tour 2017

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This year’s Golf Tour visited the Gower peninsula. Our first port of call was the Pyle and Kenfig golf club, having selected the teams for the Ryder Cup format competition on the journey. Miles Dunne was Captain of this year’s golf tour and the USA team and picked the teams with the help of Reece Goodman who captained Europe.

The teams were as follows;

Miles Dunne – Captain Reece Goodman – Captain
Annie Rose Reddin Aimee Cleminson
James Turner Ben Jarvis
Rajen Gupta Anuj Savani
Alexander Tyszka Alex Jarvis – Old Ratcliffian
Mr Gilchrist Mr Reddin
Mr Michel Miss Stafford

Having arrived at Pyle and Kenfig golf course, the teams wasted no time getting the clubs unloaded and ready for action. With sun cream applied, we were ready to start. First on the tee was Annie Rose who was taking on Miss Stafford. After an up and down match, Annie Rose won the match 2 & 1 for the USA. The second match was between Mr Gilchrist/Alexander Tyszka and Reece Goodman/Ben Jarvis. This match was close over the front nine holes although the USA eventually won it 6 & 4. The third match was between Miles Dunne/James Turner and Alex Jarvis/ Aimee Cleminson. This match went all the way to the 18th hole with Europe claiming the victory. The final match of the day saw Mr Michel/ Rajen Gupta take on Mr Reddin/Anuj Savani. Again this was a close match until the last few holes, with Europe winning 4 & 2, leaving the overall scores tied at 2 – 2 overnight.

We checked into the Devon Guest House on Swansea seafront, our accommodation for the next three nights before we walked to Pizza Express for our evening meal.

Day two arrived with a full English/Welsh breakfast before setting out to play the Ashburnham links golf course. Again, everyone was eagerly anticipating playing their matches and there was a great deal of concentration on the putting green. A long par 3 waited for each group on the 1st hole, an unusual start to a course. A real heavy weight clash went out first, with Mr Reddin taking on Mr Michel. This proved a tough day for this pair in more ways than one, although Mr Reddin won 5 & 4.  Both players played two consecutive holes the wrong way round, driving down out of bounds! The second match out saw Miles/Mr Gilchrist take on Alex J/Aimee. This was a very eventful match with an eagle and two birdies from the group on one par 5 and an incredible 417 yard drive by Miles on the 15th hole, driving the ball to the edge of the green. Europe eventually won this match 2 & 1. The next match out was the Reece/ Miss Stafford against Alexander/ Rajen. The Europe team proved too strong winning the match 8 & 6. The last match was between Anuj/Ben and Annie Rose/James. Again Europe were too strong winning 6 and 4, leaving the overall score 5 – 3 to Europe. This course was a very difficult test of golf especially the front nine which played into the wind. With everyone having enjoyed the golf, we headed back to Swansea and to Prezzo’s for a well-earned meal as we looked forward to playing Royal Porthcawl the following day.

Royal Porthcawl Golf Club staged the Senior Mens’ British Open a fortnight after we played there. As we arrived, the stunning views from the club house of the rugged coast line were inspiring as were frightening. The weather, unfortunately, wasn’t too kind to us as rain was forecast for late morning. Luckily it arrived later than anticipated, allowing us to play most of the round in dry conditions. The course, as you would expect, gave everyone a thorough examination of their skills and a real experience of what the professionals would face.

The first match was Mr Gilchrist against Mr Reddin. This year, it was Mr Reddin who took the honours 5 & 3 for Europe with some excellent shots. Next out was Miss Stafford/Aimee against Annie Rose/Alexander. This was a close match with Europe again winning 3 & 2. Miles/James then took on Alex J/Anuj.  USA were three up until Europe brought it back to level down the 18th hole, only for Europe to win it with the final putt!  The final group,
who also had to play in the worst conditions in the end, consisted of Mr Michel/Rajen against Reece/Ben. This match was also won by Europe 6 & 4, giving them a clean sweep on the day and an overall lead of 9 – 3. After the round, we were treated to an excellent meal in the wonderful surroundings of the old clubhouse and I have to say the fruit crumble was amazing. We then headed off to Verdie’s ice cream parlour to indulge our sweet tooth, with the biggest ice creams bowls you have ever seen. Annie Rose’ s bowl was actually bigger than her head, with more different flavours of ice cream and other ingredients than you would think possible.

The last round was played at the Pennard Golf Club. This proved to be an excellent course with some stunning views over the Gower and blind tee shots. If this wasn’t enough of a problem, the roaming cattle gave us some unique problems to solve! Luckily the clouds and rain had disappeared and the golf was played, as we started the week, in glorious sunshine. Similar to the Ryder Cup, the last day is singles day and the USA needed a comeback on the scale of Brookline to have a chance to win the Mir Patel Trophy. Unfortunately, for the USA, the comeback was short lived with Europe winning 4 of the 7 matches on the day (results below), meaning the final score was a convincing and well deserved 13 – 6 victory for Europe.

Mr Gilchrist v Miss Stafford  USA 5 & 4 Mr Reddin V Miles  Europe 1 up
Alex T v Ben USA 6 & 5 Aimee v Annie Rose  Europe 9 & 8
Mr Michel V Anuj USA 2 & 1 Alex v Rajen Europe 4 & 3
Reece v James Europe 5 & 3

This was an excellent way to end what was a very enjoyable tour and I look forward to next year’s, where ever it might be?

Mr Reddin, Headmaster