The Media Department Presents ‘A Night at the Oscars’

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The Media department faced its most ambitious ‘Night at the Oscars’ yet this year, since the ceremony was inaugurated in 2009. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the subject and the large student numbers, we relocated to the Music Hall for our drinks reception, to be followed by a glamorous and exciting ceremony in the Theatre. The star of the show (aside from the students, of course!) was the gigantic cinema screen used to showcase our students’ productions, beautifully framed by our Oscar-themed drapes. The whole theatre was a riot of Hollywood glamour and students and parents alike commented on the sophistication and professionalism of the setting.

It was gratifying to see awards evenly spread amongst the competitors, with thirteen student groups each winning an award in thirteen distinct categories. However, the big winner of the evening was Signed, a short documentary by Jacob Bird, Olivia Dexter and Gianluca Misso in Year 13. This film focused on the trials and tribulations of unsigned Leicester music artists, and the opportunities offered by major label representation. The film was recognised with the Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context award, which was only fair considering the film has already gained acclaim through national online distribution via the online television channel Leicestershire TV. The highlight of the evening was the surprise presentation of this award by Leicester singer/songwriter Jersey Budd, who featured in the film. Certainly, the students were overjoyed to be given this special honour and Jersey himself commented on the outstanding quality of the work produced by Ratcliffe College students. I think he was also very pleased to be able to say that he had presented an Oscar!

Other noteworthy productions of the evening included the winners of the Best Video Production, Harry Chaloner, Peter Cotter and Luke Gyesi-Appiah (Year 11). Their outstanding music video, No Love, was an uncompromising and hard-hitting look at the experiences of a bullied child through the medium of a rap music video. It was an absolute triumph, in terms of the use of CGI and green screen, and also as a tour-de-force performance from Luke and Harry as extremely convincing rap artists. Furthermore, students who worked in print production were equally impressive in their efforts. The winner of Best Print Production (Editorial) was Underground, a music magazine by Charlie Whitmore (Year 12), distinctive as a stylish and vibrant exploration of niche music genres such as dubstep and electronica. Max Thomas in Year 11 also produced a supremely imaginative and convincing advertising campaign for a new computer game release, Raid, which featured his willing models as menacing villains atop speeding quad bikes. Mentioned here are just a few of the winners on the evening, the complete list of which are featured below, but all the students should be congratulated for their outstanding hard work and creative ability.

We, in the Media department, pride ourselves on raising the stakes each year, and the quality of student work in 2015, the sheer scope of the event and, lest we forget, our star guest, are testament to the fact that our department and its students will continue to deliver only the very best to you, our avid audience.

Please visit our Youtube showcase to view this year’s video productions:

Mrs Bennett and the assembled ‘A Night at the Oscars’ winners

Winners of Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context, the Media staff and our special guest! (l-r Gianluca Misso, Jacob Bird, Olivia Dexter, Mrs Charlotte Bennett, Miss Rachel Palmer and Jersey Budd)

‘A Night at the Oscars’ Winners 2015:


Award Winner

Best Original Concept in a Production Arun Stokes
Olivia Perchard
Alexander Keay
Luke Pole  (Year 11)
Best Print Advertising Campaign Max Thomas (Year 11)
Best Direction Edward-Joseph Cefai
Jack Archer
Emilia Waterhouse (Year 12)
Best Editing Phoebe Merriman
Katy Westwood (Year 13)
Best Sound Annabel Wright
Emily Cheetham
Lois Jones (Year 12)
Best Cinematography Alexander Duckett
Sebastian Dewhirst
Oliver Thornton
James Lockton (Year 12)
Best Brand Identity Lauren Ball  (Year 11)
Best Photography in a Print Production Chloe Flowers (Year 12)
Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context Jacob Bird
Gianluca Misso
Olivia Dexter (Year 13)
Best Video Production Harry Chaloner
Peter Cotter
Luke Gyesi-Appiah (Year 11)
Best Print Production (Editorial) Charlie Whitmore (Year 12)
Best Copy in a Print Production Francesca Orton (Year 13)
Best Video Promotional Campaign Millie Whowell
Jenny Hall
Katy Watson
Olivia Thompson (Year 13)