The Media Department presents ‘A Night at the Oscars’

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The balmy summer sunshine ushered in another Ratcliffe College ‘Night at the Oscars’ on the evening of June 23rd to celebrate the astonishing talent of our Media students. Awards were given out in categories such as Best Advertising Campaign, Best Cinematography and Best Copy in a Print Production. Winners came from all the year groups represented (11-13) and parents, students and senior members of staff all commented that the quality of work gets better and better every year. It was also a particularly hard-fought and close competition this year, with little to separate the excellence of the productions, which made it a more taxing, but highly enjoyable, job for the judges.

Particularly noteworthy was the short documentary produced by Thomas Roalfe and Lilly Thomas, in Year 13, called Say It To My Face. It was the evening’s only double winner, taking away gongs for Best Video Production and Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context. Indeed, the short documentary exploring the dangers of cyber-bullying has already succeeded in the real world, having become an integral part of the school e-safety programme, a resource used by the anti-bullying charity HAB, and earning Thomas and Lilly a Highly Commended place in the Young Voice of the Year category of the Lord-Lieutenant’s Young Person of the Year award 2014. It tells the harrowing story of real-life victims of cyber-bullying who, in some cases, paid the ultimate price, but also offers help and solutions to the issue.

Other winners on the evening offered more light relief. Two music videos were honoured in different categories, and represented the creativity, ambition and media literacy of our students. Glad You Came, a music video by Edward-Joseph Cefai, James Lockton, Raj Odedra and Oliver Thornton, in Year 11, was awarded Best Editing for its intense and beguiling portrayal of an island party paradise. The boys even filmed in Malta for this production, which indicates the scope and organisational demands of Ratcliffe College media productions. Also in Year 11, Sebastian Dewhirst, Martha Gray, William Harkness and Lois Jones, produced the music video, F for You, which received the award for Best Direction; the fast-paced editing and wonderfully directed choreography made it almost impossible not to get up and dance, when the video was showcased on the evening!

Print productions also continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our video productions. Olivia Dexter in Year 12 was awarded Best Print Production (Editorial) for her gloriously girly music magazine, Teen Pop. Working in the same genre, Alicia Morrison produced stunning photography of her celebrity models which featured in her magazine, Simply Pop, and was justly rewarded for this in the photography category. Our new addition to the department, Rachel Palmer, Media technician, was also instrumental in showcasing this talent to the audience on the evening, via a seamless show-reel, which even included Hollywood-esque live link-ups to absent winners!

A full list of winners accompanies this article, and we are proud and privileged to be able to recognise their work, alongside all the students who were nominated; they really do represent outstanding talent. We are a thriving, energetic and hard-working department, full of committed and creative young minds, and no more was this evident than at our annual ‘Night at the Oscars’.

(Winners 20134 r-l: James Lockton, Chloe Flowers, Katy Watson, Jenny Hall, Millie Whowell, Annabel Wright, Olivia Thompson, Martha Gray, Olivia Dexter, Lois Jones, Alicia Morrison, Gianluca Misso, Jacob Bird, Joe De Caestecker, Miss Charlotte Gregory (Head of Media Studies), Lilly Thomas, Rachel Palmer (Media technician), Thomas Roalfe, Edward Joseph-Cefai, Alan Ball (previous Media technician))


Award Winner

Best Original Concept in a Production Joe de Caestecker (Year 13)
Best Advertising Campaign Annabel Wright, Emily Cheetham, Poppy Williams (Year 11)
Best Direction Lois Jones, Martha Gray, William HarknessSebastian Dewhirst (Year 11)
Best Editing James Lockton, Oliver Thornton, Raj Odedra, Edward Joseph-Cefai (Year 11)
Best Sound Jenny Hall, Millie Whowell, Olivia ThompsonKaty Watson (Year 12)
Best Cinematography Jacob Bird, Gianluca Misso (Year 12)
Best Brand Identity Chloe Flowers (Year 11)
Best Photography in a Print Production Alicia Morrison (Year 12)
Production Most Likely to Succeed in a Real Media Context Thomas Roalfe, Lilly Thomas (Year 13)
Best Video Production Thomas Roalfe, Lilly Thomas (Year 13)
Best Print Production (Editorial) Olivia Dexter (Year 12)
Best Copy in a Print Production Liam O’Connor (Year 13)