Trip to Europe House and Royal Court of Justice

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On the 7th of March, the Languages Department organised a trip to London, visiting Europe House and Royal Court of Justice. The visit to Europe House was the school’s prize for winning a French debating competition. Led by Mrs Cushing and Miss Klüppelholtz, the German Assistant, a group of language and history students set off nice and early in the morning.

Europe House was our first stop. Even though the coach journey took a while, we all agreed it was worth the wait. The visit was better than we had all imagined. The first thing that we saw was some paintings by a Polish artist in a mini gallery. The visit consisted of mostly interactive activities, not the expected lecture that we all thought we would get. Many of us knew very little about the European Union but we left with a great deal of knowledge about it. The highlight of this visit has to be the experience of taking part in a mock meeting. We all had a role to play, as a member of a particular political party, expressing and arguing their views. There was a case for us to study and, afterwards, decisions to be made according to the views of our party. This helped us to understand not only the process of a meeting in the European Union, but also the ideologies of different parties. It was a truly wonderful experience to have.

After a brief coffee break, we went to the Royal Courts of Justice. We were certainly amazed by the beautiful paintings and the architecture of the building. Our guide was very helpful by telling us all the little details about it. We saw different court rooms and different garments of judges and barristers. The best experience, for our group was sitting in the court room. We listened to a real live case of a German businessman evading taxes of 7.5 million pounds! It was fascinating, and a great way to experience the life of judges and barristers.

Thank you to Mrs Cushing for organising such a wonderful trip.