Year 12 Physicist of the Year Awards – 18th June 2014

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On Wednesday evening, 18th June 2014, Allen Loo attended the Year 12 Physicist of the Year Awards, held at the University of Leicester Physics Department. Previous to this event, Allen and Sally Croysdale had a head-to-head battle to find the winner of this accolade, and despite fierce competition, Allen came through victoriously. He attended the awards ceremony as Ratcliffe College’s Year 12 Physicist of the Year. Many other representatives from schools from the Leicestershire area also attended, to celebrate with their chosen award winner.

Allen chose to bring 2 guests along: Lewis Lancaster and Dick Wong. All the boys thoroughly enjoyed the evening, where not only did Allen pick up his award, but the students also relished the opportunity to look around this thriving department. I must admit, I also enjoyed recalling many memories of my old university days at a department where I really enjoyed being a student. I hope the students were not bored of all my stories by the end of the evening!

Allen, Dick and Lewis also took part in various experiments, including making ice cream using liquid nitrogen (with frozen jelly babies on the side!), and all enjoyed chuckling along watching each other’s hair stand to attention when clutching the very powerful university-spec Van de Graaff generator. All guests were also treated to a particularly interesting lecture by Dr Lewis Dartnell, who is a much admired doctor of a new breed of science called Astrobiology. Dr Dartnell explained all about his interesting research into the Martian Death Rays, and discussed with great confidence the likely chances of finding life on another planet or moon.