House Guardians and Captains

House Guardian:
Mr A Seth


House Captains:

Natasha Walsh

Dominic Short

The History of Leetham

Father Claude Leetham was a remarkable character in the history of Ratcliffe College. He was a student here from 1910 – 1915, and then went on to hold teaching and managerial posts as well. He was a source of great support for Father Emery, who was the Father President (the name of the current position of Headmaster) at that time.

Father Leetham was made President of the College in 1948, a post he held until 1962.

He was an energetic leader, enthusiastically broadening the range of activities and resources available to students at Ratcliffe.

During his time as President, the school grew from 205 to 334 students. New buildings included; the Science block; the Shower block; the Chapel – (and the conversion of the old church, now the Religious Studies department, and the Emery Library). He also introduced the Scouts and the CCF into the school, and was especially interested in promoting Musical activities.

The statue on St. Richard’s altar, at the back of the College church, bears Father Leetham’s likeness.