Other Sports

All pupils, at all age groups, are encouraged to take part in sport at Ratcliffe College. Traditional team sports are seen as a vital part of Ratcliffe life and the development of our pupils. Competitive fixtures take place throughout the week, home and away. There are also a wide variety of other activities available: during extra- curricular clubs, such as fencing, equestrian, cross-country, basketball, squash and Tae Kwon Do; during games lessons; and  during P.E lessons, which are  broadly in line with the national curriculaum to cover a  variety of sports. Fixtures are also run on a regular basis in a number of these activities.

We support a number of individuals as they pursue elite performance in an array of sports. We have a number of successful fencers at the school as well as Oliver Jackson who has been chosen to represent GB in eventing; Louis Massarella and Elliot Fawdington both compete in national fly fishing for England; Isobel Knight who represents team England in dance and Emily Dunne who is in the England Golf Squad.


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