Careers Education

Careers Education at Ratcliffe Commences early in Year 7 and carries on through to Year 13.

The aim of Careers Education and guidance at Ratcliffe is to enable students to make well informed choices about careers and to be well prepared to make transitions through their career exploration.

The Careers programme falls under the remit of the whole school PSHCE Programme.  Miss Tiffany Spencer is both Head of PSHCE and Careers, this provides our students with continuity throughout their pastoral and careers programme during their time at Ratcliffe.  Miss Spencer liaises closely with the Senior Leadership Team and with Heads of Year, Head of Sixth Form and Tutors to ensure that the programme is most efficacious.

The Careers and Guidance programme aims to enable pupils to:

  • Play a full part in and take responsibility for their career planning
  • Apply understanding of themselves to their knowledge of different roles in society and the opportunities available
  • Learn how to make decisions, how to evaluate them and how to learn from experience
  • Acquire key skills, knowledge and attitudes which will enable them to manage change within the different roles of their life.

In the News

“Do Stem”

Juergen Maier, chief executive of Siemens UK, has told a conference on engineering  “We need roughly double the number of school leavers going into science, technology, engineering and mathematics… Engineers create the world we live in. We need to encourage young people, especially girls, to go into these fantastically well-paid, interesting and exciting careers”.

Smile and Shake 

Antony Jenkins, chief executive of Barclays, has said that many youngsters turn up for interviews lacking basic social skills, and that, “There is the danger that we will have a lost generation of youngsters if we do not help them develop the skills they will need for the new world of work.

He called on parents, teachers and bosses to help youngsters gain the social confidence they need to compete in the global jobs market, saying, “In the workplaces of the future collaboration will be very important. The question of how to teach this generation to be successful is very important.”

The Careers Curriculum



Information about the Careers Curriculum.

Year 10 students pitching to senior staff their ideas for their products during a ‘Dragons Den’ type scenario


Miss T Spencer – Head of  Careers –