Comments From Boarding Parents

Somos Juan y Lucía Muñoz Torre de Madrid, España y nuestra hija Inés está cursando en Ratcliffe el curso 10º. Nos decidimos a enviar a Inés a Inglaterra no sólo para que perfeccionara su inglés, sino también para que viviera una experiencia que la convirtiera en una persona aún mejor, pero encontrar el entorno correcto para hacerlo nos preocupaba mucho, hasta que visitamos Ratcliffe y conocimos a los responsables del Colegio y del Internado. Su profesionalidad y calor humano, nos decantaron claramente hacia ellos. 

Sus magníficas instalaciones y la calidad académica fueron factores que también tuvimos muy en cuenta, pero lo realmente determinante fue el magnífico ambiente que respiramos en el Internado, tuvimos la sensación de que era un hogar. El termómetro de nuestra tranquilidad es nuestra hija y la vemos tan feliz e integrada que su ausencia es mucho más fácil de llevar. Desde el primer momento estuvo arropada por sus compañeras y las responsables del Internado, que al mismo tiempo son un pilar fundamental tanto para ella como para nosotros desde aquí. La camaradería, el compañerismo y la generosidad son valores que le acompañan en su día a día y no podíamos aspirar a nada mejor. Saber que Inés está tranquila, en un ambiente tan organizado y al mismo tiempo tan cálido, nos confirma que tomamos la decisión correcta.
Lucia Torre, Parent of Year 10 Spanish Boarder

“Ratcliffe College is our second experience of boarding school for one of our children and we have been reassured, updated and assisted where necessary, all of this has taken place with great sensitivity and professionalism.  The staff are caring and considerate, we consider ourselves fortunate to have placed our daughter in such a wonderful and caring learning environment. Thank you very much Ratcliffe and especially Girls boarding.”
Mr and Mrs Brown, Forces Family

‘We are a forces family and have been posted abroad for the last 5 years. Our choice to send our 4 children to board at Ratcliffe has been an easy one as it really is a home away from home for them. It came as no surprise when our youngest daughter chose to board at the age of 10 as she sees how much her brother and sister love it!’
Arielle Curnick, Forces Family

As a forces family on an overseas posting , new to boarding and with the added worry of my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan we were at initially concerned about our daughter settling in at school. Ratcliffe College and its welcoming, warm and friendly boarding environment have quickly become a “Home from Home’ for her and she very much enjoys school life. All boarding staff are wonderful, everyone is friendly, caring, extremely helpful, approachable and very aware of the boarders’ individual needs. Our daughter is certainly very happy at Ratcliffe College and as parents we can only say that our boarding experience has been a more than positive one – I cannot recommend boarding at Ratcliffe highly enough.
Mrs Mitchell, Forces Family


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Mrs He, Parent of a Girl Boarder from Mainland China

Unsere Tochter besucht seit 1. September die  Sixth Form im Ratcliffe College . Sie ist eine von ca 100 Internatsschülern( Boarders) . Ich habe sie selbst in die Schule gebracht und ich war so begeistert, dass ich am Liebsten selbst dort geblieben wäre.  Mit offenen Armen wurde Janina aufgenommen . Die Senior Housemistress und die Damen, die ihr zur Seite stehen , sind immer für die Mädchen da. Sie unterstützen und trösten , was besonders in der Anfangszeit wichtig ist. Es gibt ganz klare Regeln, die konsequent eingehalten werden.
Die Schulwoche ist mit viel Lernzeiten und Sport ausgefüllt. Am Wochenende gibt es immer einen besonderen Ausflug oder aber einfach auch mal die Möglichkeit einer kleinen Shoppingtour.
Janina fühlt sich wohl und gut aufgehoben …. Auch wenn es schulisch sehr viel zu tun gibt!
Wir sind sehr zufrieden!
Christiane Gassler, Parent of Year 12 German Boarder

My daughter boarded elsewhere before coming to Ratcliffe College – the experience at Ratcliffe has been much more positive and I put this down to the encouraging and supportive attitude of the boarding staff. Boarding gives structure and convenience, but Ratcliffe College boarding manage to combine this with flexibility and seem to recognise that at times it may be appropriate for family life to take priority over school life. Academically my daughter has achieved higher grades than I believe she would have achieved at home. She has made close, lasting friendships through the boarding house. It has been a happy experience.
Mrs Fishel, Parent of Sixth Form Weekly Boarder

“Sending our children to be full boarders at Ratcliffe College was the best decision we made – we are huge fans.  Our children have been nurtured and loved by the boarding staff who truly live out their pledge to be “in loco parentis”.  Our three children have thrived in the boarding environment at Ratcliffe College.   They have made lifelong friendships, grown in independence and confidence and when they are at home in the holidays, miss the fun, routine and camaraderie of the boarding houses.  We trust the staff completely and know that our children are absolutely fine in their safe hands.”
Mrs Emma Brambell, Forces Family

When our daughter was offered a place at Ratcliffe College we looked at the option of weekly boarding.  We were given a comprehensive tour by one of the boarders and talked to girls in the boarding house about their experience of being away from home. In addition my daughter was given the opportunity to trial boarding before she made her mind up. She thought this was great!

My daughter settled in without any problems and thoroughly enjoys the time she spends in the boarding house. She is pleased with her room and the facilities she can enjoy outside of school lesson time, including trips she has been on. She loves being able to mix with younger boarders and with girls from other countries.

My husband and I have been impressed by the care, support and attention that has been given to our daughter by the boarding staff and feel that she has benefited greatly by being part of the boarding community. We would recommend boarding whether occasional, weekly or full time and feel that we are welcome to go into boarding and chat with staff on duty.

My daughter is confident that the transition to life at university will be smoother because of her experience as a weekly boarder.
Mrs Benfield Dexter, Parent of Sixth Form Weekly Boarder

我是四個孩子的母親,先生和我對孩子的教育極為重視,當然父嚴母慈難免也有不同意見的地方,只是我們一致的默契共識是:“把孩子放在對的地方學習”,所以我們四個孩子都是小留學生。 位在Leicester的Ratcliffe college校園很大,環境又優美,放眼望去一大片綠油油的草皮,更有齊全的教學設備。我的大女兒畢業於這所中學,目前是諾丁漢大學醫學院大三學生。二女兒是Ratcliffe College十一年級學生,三女兒最特別,今年九月直接由台灣的小六生轉到Ratcliffe college就讀七年級。記得她開學後的三天內,每天打電話回台灣哭訴聽不懂想回家,我們既心疼又擔心。後來,經由 Mrs. Leite 提供有效的協助與安排,讓我的女兒很快適應新環境。現在,我常常收到她與同學快樂的合照,得意展示她的學習作品,還有數學也考第一……。我和先生真的很感謝Mrs. Leite. 老師和同學們都很熱心友善,是我三個女兒一致的感受。做家長的我們知道我們的決定是對的,我們放心了。
Mrs Yang, Parent of Taiwanese Boarders

“The boarding in Ratcliffe College can be termed to be a home away from home for the children. My children have never left home and we were quite worried about them going off to boarding school almost 9 hours by air away from home. I now realize I should not have worried at all.  My children have settled in nicely into boarding at Ratcliffe College. They are happy and well cared for. Thanks to the warmth and caring attitude of the staff and children of Ratcliffe College.”
Mrs Elumelu, 2014.