Benefits of the Extended School Day

Ratcliffe’s extended school day, which runs from 8.00am to 6.10pm, is a key factor in the development of a well-rounded education for its students.  Unlike many other day schools, Ratcliffe offers a wide range of free after-school activities, including sports teams, music groups and practices, academic clubs, volunteering groups and, for older students, Army and Air Force Cadets and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.  By offering students access to a variety of additional subjects, they are able to develop skills that will contribute significantly to both their education and all-round wellbeing.

The wide range of interests offered during the extended school day benefits students of all ages.  For the Prep School, the multi-sport activities offered on Saturday mornings are a healthy and fun way for them to develop new skills and to make the transition to weekend sports fixtures as Seniors.  For the older students, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, VSU (Voluntary Service Unit) and regular Ratcliffe INSPIRE sessions, amongst others, encourage them to develop new interests and experiences that will benefit them long after they leave Ratcliffe.

Along with a wide variety of after-school activities, pupils can also attend supervised prep sessions.  For the younger members of the School, staying for prep means that they can finish all their homework before they leave, which allows them to develop a very successful school/home balance.  For the older students, these prep sessions allow them invaluable access to resources and teaching support, which they can then use to further their studies at home.

The extended School day is also of significant benefit to parents, particularly those who typically finish work after the timetabled lessons finish.  Students can stay in the safe and secure School environment, with numerous facilities available, until the end of prep at 6.10pm, at no additional cost.