Duke of Edinburgh - Sections

There are four sections within a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (five sections at Gold level) and by choosing one activity within each section you are beginning your own unique personal journey through a balanced and wide-ranging programme.  You can choose from a variety of clubs in school or choose activities that are on offer outside school – but they must be extra-curricular activities.

DofE is a marathon, not a sprint, and participants commit to spending an hour per week of their spare time on each section, over a significant timescale:

  • Bronze level – 3 months per section with one section extended to 6 months
  • Silver level – 6 months per section with the physical or skill section reduced to 3 months. (Direct entrants who have not completed Bronze level must increase one section to 12 months).
  • Gold level – 12 months per section with the physical or skill section reduced to 6 months. (Direct entrants who have not completed Silver level must increase once section to 18 months).

Sections do not all have to be undertaken at the same time.

Participants should discuss what they wish to do for a section, identify a suitable teacher or qualified adult to act as their assessor, decide on their own personal goals and then make a start.  At the end of the timescale, adding extra time if weeks are missed for holidays, the assessor should write a lovely report about the achievements, progress made or help given by the young person.


Click on each section heading to read more about the variety of activities possible for each section, as well as a list of suggestions from the eDofE website.