The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (D of E)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is open to all pupils in Year 9 and above. It is a programme for young people that is known and recognised throughout the world. There are three levels to the programme – Bronze, Silver and Gold. At Bronze and Silver levels, pupils choose activities from four sections – service, skills, physical recreation and the expedition. At Gold level there is an additional section – residential. Individual challenge is the essence of the award, requiring assessed improvement from each pupil’s own starting point. Pupils set their own goals and are accredited for each section.

The scheme encourages participation in a range of interesting, challenging and worthwhile activities. A pupil could become an actor, lead a team through open countryside, score goals for the county, spend a week on the high seas or make a real difference to the lives of others. Pupils are encouraged to develop their existing interests and to try new ones; the opportunities are endless. In taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, they learn by experience the commitment, enterprise and effort required for success, discovering a great deal about themselves, and come to appreciate the enjoyment of working with, and for, other people.

This is a very worthwhile activity and pupils are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the award.

The timings for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award are the following:

Bronze Expedition Training - Mondays at 4:20pm (Room R1)
Silver Expedition Training – Thursday at 4:20pm (Room R1)
Gold Expedition Training – Tuesday at 6:45pm to 8:30pm (Room R1)
Sections Support Session – Thursdays at 1:20pm to 1:50pm (Room CR2)

Contact: Mrs C Cole,