Admissions Criteria

The following criteria are used, in no particular order, to help determine a student’s suitability for admission:

  • By the very nature of the School, priority will always  be given to Catholic families, and to families sympathetic to the Catholic ethos of Ratcliffe College;
  • Performance in the School’s entrance examination/assessment (see below for details);
  • A willingness and/or ability to participate in the rich variety of extra-curricular activities;
  • A positive report from the applicant’s present School.  Apart from applications to the Sixth Form, interviews will not normally be held but the School may wish to interview borderline candidates whose particular circumstances warrant it;
  • The presence of a sibling already in the School and/or previous family connections;
  • In all circumstances, the School’s aim is to admit students with academic ability and a range of qualities to gain the maximum benefit from the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities available at Ratcliffe College.

The Headmaster, in consultation with the Board of Governors, is responsible for all decisions relating to the admission of students.  If there is a waiting list for entry to a particular age group, applicants will be considered strictly according to the fulfilment of the criteria and to the date order of registration for each child.  All formal offers of places will be made in writing, either by the Headmaster or by the Registrar acting on his behalf.