For entry September 2017
Deadline: Friday 25th November 2016

 “Enabling inclusion of children whose parents feel that they can share in,
and benefit from, Ratcliffe’s special ethos”.

Ratcliffe Bursaries:
• Usually offered to children joining Year 7 and above.
• Bursaries would not normally be awarded at a level greater than 30% off the full Day fee.

Ratcliffian Association Cunningham Fund Bursaries (including the O’Connell Rose Award):
• For students who currently attend Ratcliffe College.

Peter Daley Bursaries:
• Primarily to support existing families, with an emphasis on boarding.

Sir Thomas White Charity Bursary:
• In exceptional cases, this charity will provide a 100% bursary (Day fee) for one strong academic candidate joining Ratcliffe College’s Sixth Form from the maintained sector, subject to strict parental means-testing.

Sixth Form Gifted and Talented Bursaries:
• For external candidates drawn from maintained schools in sympathy with the aims and objectives of Ratcliffe College.
• 50% of the Day fee or 70% of Boarding fee, and are subject to parental means-testing and satisfactory GCSE performance as per the School’s criteria for entry into the Sixth Form.
• Allocated annually, following interview, assessment in any perceived and noteworthy talent, and a formal application for bursarial assistance.