Entrance Examinations Dates for entry in September 2019

11+ Examinations (includes assessment for Academic Scholarships) - Saturday 12th January 2019

12+, 13+ & 14+ Examinations– Saturday 12th January 2019

9+ Assessment– Monday 21st January 2019

7+ Assessment– Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Scholarship Dates 2019

Entry in September 2019: 

Year 7
Tuesday 15th January – Year 7 Drama Scholarship Assessment
Wednesday 16th January – Year 7 Sport Scholarship Assessment
Thursday 17th January – Year 7 Art and Design Scholarship Assessment
Friday 18th January – Year 7 Music Scholarship Assessment
Monday 21st January – Year 7 All Rounder Scholarship Assessment

Year 12
Monday 4th February – Year 12 Drama Scholarship Assessment
Tuesday 5th February – Year 12 Music Scholarship Assessment
Wednesday 6th February – Year 12 Art and Design Scholarship Assessment
Thursday 7th February – Year 12 Sport Scholarship Assessment

The deadline for entry September 2019 is Friday 30th November 2018.

In the interest of being fair to all families, the School will not accept applications that are received after the stated deadline

The Registration Form must be completed and returned to the Registrar in order that your child’s name may be entered for the entrance examinations.

The contact details for the Registrar’s Department are:
01509 817072/ 817031